OSCAR – Low-Profile Ceiling-Mounted Fan

The invention is an enclosed oscillating ceiling fan with a low profile that prevents accidental blade contact.

  • Integral Fluorescent Lamp
  • Uses Round Blade Assembly
  • Quieter & Safer
  • Provided With a Multitude of Accessories
  • Residential, Commercial & Industrial Uses


Utility Patent #8,864,447

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sharon Kaye Humphrey has created an osculating all-in-one horizontal ceiling-mounted heater, 3-speed fan and lighting fixture that was born out of necessity. She had a patio built and because of the pitch of the roof, she was only able to get 7 ceilings. After installing two traditional ceiling fans, she discovered that the furniture had to be placed in a particular and small perimeter, or a man standing would whack his head on the fan. In turn, Inventor Humphrey created OSCAR.

This slim-line, flush-mounted unit not only solved that problem, but she knows it would also be perfect for many other applications such as shorter attic rooms, basement rooms, patios, garages, stairwells, sewing nooks, dressing tables, grandpas work bench, moms scrapbooking table, auto repair stations, mobile homes, or office cubicles. Anywhere a user would need a low-profile fan with optional lights and heat. Each user has the capability to control his or her temperature and turn it off when they leave, reducing energy costs.

OSCAR was designed to be hard-wired and installed like any other ceiling fan. It can also be mounted inside 2x 4 ceiling grids, as used in office buildings. The fans, lights, and heating units are encased in an attractive hard case that is approximately 48x 24 and 10 deep. Unit fans will osculate at an approximate 90 degree angle. This horizontal unit keeps it out of the way, making it a safer alternative to traditional models. This unit can service residential use as well as the possibility of a larger industrial-warehouse version.

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