Loose Hair Removal Device

The Loose Hair Removal Device is a specialty adhesive paper designed toremove cut hair from a patron after a haircut.

  • Removes All Traces of Hair Clippings
  • Uses Specialty Adhesive Paper
  • For Face or Clothes
  • Does Not Destroy Makeup
  • Coiled In a Roll for Tear-Off Use



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Cam Patey of Halifax,NS has created a specialty adhesive paper designed to remove cuthair from a patron after a haircut.

Haircuts areperformed on people of all ages, and can be provided at all levels of cost,from expensive beauty salons, to free ones at the hands of Mom or Dad in thebasement. However, one thing all haircuts have in common is the loose clippingsof hair that accumulate on ones face and clothes. While towels, brushes, and vacuumscan help remove some of this hair, stubborn strands still remain behind. Othermethods of removal can cause unwanted side effects, and can destroy facialmakeup applications. InventorPatey has created a means to remove loosehair clippings without these disadvantages.

This clever new inventionremoves all traces of hair clippings using specialty adhesive paper. It can beused on ones face or clothes. It does not destroy ones makeup. It is coiledin a roll for tear-off use. The use of the Loose HairRemoval Device provides the ability to remove loose hairclippings after a hair cut in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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