Lockable Food Storage Container Insert for a Refrigerator

The invention is a lockable insert forrefrigerators that securely stores food especially suited for workplace and hospital settings.

  • Multiple Locking Compartments
  • Keeps Food Safe
  • Prevents Theft
  • Easy to Install
  • Fits Any Refrigerator


Design Patent #D669,921

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Vance Kinser of Maryville, TN hasdesigned a new safer way to store lunches, medications or research specimens inthe workplace refrigerator. This great new system is called LockableFood Storage Insert For Refrigerators.

Even with allthe options for eating out at lunch time some people still pack a lunch forwork and they need to know that it will be safe to eat when ready. Inventor Kinser designed this innovation to be totallysecure by having lockable compartments. 

This clever new invention has multiple lockingcompartments to prevent theft or pranks. It will keep food safe, is easy toinstall and will fit any refrigerator.  Theuse of the Lockable Food Storage Container InsertFor Refrigerators will store lunches safely allowing the usersto keep focused on their work and not worry about their lunch.
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