Lockable Baton Holster

The invention is a holster and baton secured with a locking mechanism that prevents the baton from being removed by unauthorized persons.

  • Used By Correctional Officers & Military
  • Easily Accessible yet Secure
  • Holster and Baton Securely Fastened to the Officer
  • Baton Secured with a Closed Metal Chain
  • For Use With Expandable Batons


Design Patent #D754,277

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Arthur L. Wisecup and Steven D. Wisecup of Brooksville, FL have designed a useful tool to help correctional officers to always be ready for action.

All too often we hear news stories about a tragic incident involving a correctional officer who is involved in an altercation with a prisoner. In some cases, a weapon may be taken from the officer and used against him by the prisoner. Other times when there is not a weapon involved, the officer is defenseless to protect themselves and others from being attacked by the prisoners. Inventors Wisecup have created a device for expandable batons that provides reliable self-protection for correctional officers during such instances without allowing the attacker to gain control of the baton.

This clever new invention is for use with expandable batons which are carried by correctional officers and military personnel. The invention consists of a holster which is locked to the officers arm and holds the baton securely in place. It keeps the baton readily accessible, yet still secure with a closed metal chain that attaches the baton to the holster. The use of the Lockable Baton Holster allows for easy access to a valuable self defense tool while ensuring that it will not fall into the wrong hands.

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