Integral Locating System for Child’s Drinkware

Inventor Elizabeth Giegoldt of Simi Valley, CA has developed a means for easily locating a childs lost drinkware.

  • Child Safe Components
  • Loud Audible Speaker In Receiver
  • Multiple Recharging Stations
  • Prevents Loss of Item & Costly Replacement
  • Reduces User Frustration


Utility Patent #8,810,374

Story Behind the Invention

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find small personal items. They become easily lost due to their small size, often falling in between seat cushions or under furniture, with no way to easily locate them. However, losing such items as an infant bottle, sippy cup, or pacifier is extremely frustrating, especially when an infant is crying as a result of their absence. Inventor Giegoldt has created a way for such items to be quickly found via an alarm transmitter system.

This clever new invention helps to reduce frustration and prevent the loss of items or the need for their costly replacement. A remote key fob transceiver activates a receiver on the bottom of an item so that it produces a loud, audible alarm and can easily be found. The invention uses child safe components and long life batteries in the receivers, which can be replaced by sending the used battery and lid to the manufacturer to recycle the plastic and properly dispose of the battery. This eliminates the need for frequent battery recharging or replacement, thus lessening the negative impact on the environment. For additional convenience, the pacifier nipple is removable to allow it to be interchanged with other nipple styles. The use of the Integral Locating System for Child's Drinkware reduces frustration by allowing for the easy location of misplaced items, such as infant bottles, sippy cups, and pacifiers.

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