Lint Remover with Water Reservoir

The Lint Remover with Water Reservoir is a lint brush with an internal water reservoir to aid in lint removal.

  • Removes Lint, Fuzz, Dirt, Pet Hair, and Other Contaminants
  • For Use on Clothing, Furniture, Carpeting, and Similar Surfaces
  • Can be filled with Tap or Bottled Water
  • Reservoir Holds Enough Water for Hundreds of Uses
  • Squeeze System Delivers Water


Utility Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Christine Ann Alexander of Toronto, ON has created a lint brush with an internal water reservoir to aid in lint removal.

The common lint brush does a somewhat acceptable job at removing everyday lint, but items such as fuzz, dust, dirt, and pet hair typically remain behind, and require many repeat sessions, often with the same poor results. A bit of water applied to the brush improves the performance greatly. Foreign matter that is typically left behind is now attracted to the brush like a magnet. However, this means that a person must be standing near a sink to keep the brush wet at all times. This poses problems should the user be getting dressed in an area without running water. Inventor Alexander has created a means by which a user can remove lint and other material from their clothes with the efficiency of a wet brush, but without the requirement of being near running water.

This clever new invention removes lint, fuzz, dirt, pet hair, and other contaminants. It is for use on clothing, furniture, carpeting, and similar surfaces. It can be filled with tap or bottled water. The reservoir holds enough water for hundreds of uses. A squeeze system delivers the water. The use of the Lint Remover with Water Reservoir allows for the removal of unwanted material from clothing and furniture, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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