Lightening Jack

The Lightening Jack is a safe transmission jack with enhanced features for use on motor vehicles.

  • Turns a 2 Person Job into a 1 Person Job
  • Operated and Controlled By Air Pressure
  • Quick and Precise
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Durable and Long Lasting


Utility Patent #9,975,747

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bill J. Williams of Mission, TX has created a safe transmission jack with enhanced features for use on motor vehicles. Vehicle transmission repair often require that the transmission be removed from the vehicle. This requires the transmission to be lowered out of the bottom of the vehicle using a jack. Due to the weight and bulkiness of the transmission, this is a difficult process.The idea for the Lightening Jack was born thirty-two years ago. Inventor Williams was changing a transmission on a car. He rented a jack and realized it was cheaply made. In fact, it later tipped over on him. He was working in a garage with a concrete floor and the transmission, weighing over 300 pounds, drove his knee into the floor. The truth is, if jacks dont hurt you, they can bust your transmission. A lot of transmissions today are aluminum and crack easily. Even a steel block will crack if you drop it on concrete. Inventor Williams has created a means for a jack that allows for complete and accurate control to eliminate possible injury to workers or damage to vehicle transmissions.This clever new invention turns a two person job into a one person job. The device is operated and controlled by air pressure. It is quick and precise. It saves time and money. It is durable and long lasting. The use of the Lightening Jack allows mechanics to work on vehicle transmissions in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but most importantly safe as well.
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