Liberty Reacher Cane

The Liberty Reacher Cane combines the functionality of a walking cane with a grabbing aid.

  • Ensures That a Grabbing Aid is As Close as a User’s Cane
  • Saves Aggravation and Embarrassment
  • Provides Feeling of Self-Sufficiency
  • Release Lever Separates End of Cane into Two Grabbing Levers
  • Ideal for Those Who Live Alone


Utility Patent #10,034,522

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephany Anglade of Jackson, NJ has created a device that combines the functionality of a walking cane with a grabbing aid!

People with physical disabilities, such as the elderly, the handicapped, or those recovering from injuries or surgery know all too well of the difficulties they encounter while performing tasks that most of us take for granted. One product which has been helpful is the grabber reaching aid. However, a user must retrieve the aid before performing any reaching or grabbing duties. While this poses an inconvenience at home, it is a major disadvantage when out and about because it is simply not available. In turn, Inventor Anglade created the Liberty Reacher Cane. Now users can turn the end of their walking cane into a grabber to help them reach things wherever they are!

This clever new invention ensures that a grabbing aid is as close as a users cane. This saves aggravation and embarrassment. It provides users with a feeling of self-sufficiency. It is ideal for those who live alone. A release lever separates the end of the cane into two grabbing levers for convenience. This allows users to activate the grabbing function of the cane and reach items at high locations or items on the floor. In low lighting conditions, a provided light will illuminate the surrounding area allowing the user to easily see and reach objects. When not in use, the invention functions as a conventional cane. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities for the Liberty Reacher Cane, act now!

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