Gloves with LED and Exposed Fingertip Openings

The Gloves with LED Lights and Exposed Fingertip Openings is a pair of gloves with an integral flashlight providing a high level of illumination.

  • LED lights on middle 3 fingers
  • Provides portable, temporary task lighting
  • Perfect for joggers & bikers
  • Small, medium, & large sizes available
  • Ideal when working in enclosed or cramped areas


Design Patent #D739,062

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kenneth Allen Phares of Auburn, WA has designed a pair of gloves with integral lighting to provide illumination while working with ones hands.

Just about everyone has tried to perform a complicated task with their hands while working in low light conditions. Usually a flashlight is available to help provide temporary illumination, but this typically means attempting to hold the flashlight under ones chin or on a nearby object to free up both hands for work. Should another person be available to help hold the flashlight, the beam typically wanders about as the holder loses attention. Inventor Phares has created a unique style of fingerless gloves that ensure a handy lighting source is always available.

This clever new invention has an LED light on each of the three middle fingers to provide portable, temporary task lighting. The gloves are ideal when working in enclosed or cramped areas and are also perfect for joggers or bikers. Additionally, the invention is available in small, medium, and large sizes to ensure widespread use. The use of the Gloves with LED Lights and Exposed Fingertip Openings provides a hands-free means to increase illumination levels for task lighting.
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