Gutter Cleaning Attachment for Leaf Blowers

The invention is a J-shaped attachment for leaf blowers designed to clean rooftop gutters.

  • Attaches to conventional leaf blower
  • No need to climb ladders
  • Swivel joint for optimal positioning
  • Increases cleaning efficiency
  • Great for residential, commercial & industrial areas


Utility Patent #8,739,362

Story Behind the Invention

Many of us dread the thought of the seasonal ritual of cleaning our house gutters. Such gutters are absolutely necessary to carry rainwater, melted snow, and other water off of roofs and safely away from the building and down a storm sewer. A neglected gutter could quickly become clogged with leaves causing erosion, roof damage, and even building damage. Most people perform their gutter-cleaning task by climbing on ladders or even walking along the edge of the roof surface itself. This practice is time consuming and dangerous in the sense that one could easily slip and fall. Inventor Conder has developed a means to clean roof mounted gutters easily and safely.

This clever new invention attaches to a conventional leaf blower, and features a swivel joint for optimal positioning. The user no longer has to climb a ladder to clean the gutters which not only increases safety but efficiency as well. The invention is ideal for use on both residential and commercial locations. The use of the Gutter Cleaning Attachment for Leaf Blowers provides for the cleaning of roof gutters in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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