Lawn Sprinkling System with Dispensing Fertilizer

This invention is an apparatus that provides for the automatic distribution of fertilizers through an underground or portable sprinkler system.

  • Saves Time Spent Fertilizing
  • Stores Fertilizer Or Insecticide
  • Adjustable Flow Rate
  • Ensures Even Application
  • Ideal for Home & Commercial Lawns


Design Patent #D745,118.

Story Behind the Invention

Maintenance of ones lawn, landscaping and garden is a never ending task. Depending upon the size of the yard or garden, there are a number of chores that require the attention of the owner. Of the many tasks, one of the most popular is irrigation in combination with the routine application of fertilizers and insecticides. While a variety of hose connected sprinklers and even automatic underground sprinkler systems allow for unattended irrigation, a great deal of manual time is spent ensuring that a proper application of fertilizer and insecticides is administered either by a spreader or a handheld hose-based system. Inventor Kenney has created a means by which one can apply fertilizer and insecticides evenly and effectively without spending a great deal of time doing so.

This clever new invention can store either fertilizer or insecticide. It saves time, ensures even application, and has an adjustable flow rate. The invention would be ideal for both home and commercial lawns. The use of the Lawn Sprinkling System with Dispensing Fertilizer Attachment provides for almost carefree lawn and garden maintenance in a manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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