Laundry Cart Disposable Liner

The invention is a thin plastic laundry cart liner whichallows the use of alllaundry carts, regardless of their state of cleanliness to be in a moresanitized state.

  • Prevents Transferof Dirt, Stains and Germs
  • Used in Laundry Mats, Hotels,Hospitals, etc.
  • Elastic Corners Secure Liners
  • Available in Various Sizes & Designs
  • Biodegradable/Recyclable


Design Patent #D677,851

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRosemary L. Harris of Xenia, OHhas developed a way to make using laundry carts a cleaner and more sanitarytask.

Doing laundry isperhaps one of the most despised chores performed in households.  The entire process is very time consuming andseems to be never-ending.  Fortunately,there are helpful tools to make the job easier, particularly the laundry cart,as it is very useful for transporting both clean and dirty clothes to thelaundry facility.  Sometimes such largecarts are used for other duties such as moving heavy objects or providing aplay house for children.  However, theseother activities often leave the basket dirty, which leads to a surprise thenext time clean laundry is placed in the cart. Also, many carts are made of a welded wire mesh which easily rusts andleaves marks on clean clothes.  Inventor Harris has created a means by which laundrycarts can be used without the risk of soiling clothes.

This clever newinvention lines the inside of a laundry cart to prevent the transfer of dirt,stains, and germs.  The recyclable / biodegradableplastic liner is held in place with elastic corners and is available in varioussizes and designs.  Examples for its useinclude in laundromats, hotels, or hospitals. The use of the Laundry CartDisposable Liner allows for a simple means to use laundry cartsof all conditions without concern of dirtying clean clothes.

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