Invention Insight Pack

Elevate Your Invention to New Heights with Our Invention Insight Pack

Inventor’s Advantage:

For Just $97, Equip Yourself with a Custom NAICS Code, an In-Depth Research Report, and a Comprehensive Trademark Search

Your Invention Insight Pack includes:

✅ NAICS Code Identification: Position your invention accurately within the industry to streamline your patenting and business strategy.

✅ Tailored Research Report: Get detailed insights into market dynamics, potential growth, and a competitive outlook to make your invention stand out.

✅ Trademark Search Analysis: Ensure your invention’s name is unique with a detailed trademark search, mitigating legal risks and building a strong brand identity.

✅ Strategic Recommendations: Leverage the data with actionable steps and insights tailored to propel your invention forward in the marketplace.


Your invention deserves the spotlight. Secure this essential toolkit and make your mark in the industry.

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