Laser and String Cat Toy

The Laser and String Cat Toy is a device incorporating a moving string with a projected laser light spot apparatus for the amusement of cats.

  • Provides Endless Entertainment
  • Great for Insecure Young Kittens
  • Prevents Destructive Habits in Cats
  • Promotes Playtime While Owners are Away
  • Height Adjustable for Different Sized Cats


Utility Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bryan Paul Nobile of Lowell, MA has designed a device that incorporates a moving string with a projected laser light in order to amuse cats.

Cats not only require physical needs such as food, water and shelter, they also require emotional necessities such as companionship, love and entertainment. Automated food feeders and full water bowls can provide the physical needs at all times even when the owner is not present, however the emotional needs are hard to provide if the owner is away. These emotional needs are even more critical for young kittens that may find themselves alone for the first time in their lives. This insecurity can sometimes lead to destructive habits such as scratching. Inventor Nobile has created a means by which cats can be provided entertainment, not only when the owner is around, but when he or she is not present as well.

This clever new invention provides endless entertainment for feline friends. It is ideal for young kittens that may have anxiety issues, or cats that have destructive habits. Additionally, it is height adjustable for different sized cats. The use of the Laser and String Cat Toy provides a unique pet toy for cats that entertains for hours on end.

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