Large & Small Oval Roasting Pan Rack

The Large & Small Oval Roasting Pan Rack prevents juices from entering meat and not letting it brown.

  • Cooks Food to Perfection
  • Prongs Are Provided to Hold Rack Up
  • Prevents Food from Burning on the Bottom
  • Roasts Food Evenly
  • Must-Have Cooking Product
  • Three Sizes to Suit Various Items


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Diane L. Mitten of Cape Coral, FL has created the Large & Small Oval Roasting Pan Rack. This clever new idea was born after years of cooking Thanksgiving dinners. There were simply no oval racks to set the turkey or other meat on until now!

The invention is an oval rack with small legs that sits upon the bottom of either a large or small roasting pan. Prongs are provided to hold the rack up. A smaller rack for a crock pot is also available. The rack helps prevent any juices from entering the meat and not letting it brown. It also prevents food from burning on the bottom of a pan. Now food is able to roast evenly and will be cooked to perfection!

The Large & Small Oval Roasting Pan Rack is truly a must-have cooking product. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

Additional Information

There are three sizes of roasting racks for various needs: large for turkeys, medium for chickens, and the smallest one is for crock pots.
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