Ladder Lock

The invention is a locking mechanism designed to prevent unauthorized access to a tree stand and its ladder.

  • Increases Safety/Prevents Injury
  • Prevents Access When Unattended
  • Hooks Over Tree Stand Ladder
  • Secured with Padlock
  • Easily Identifiable


Utility Patent #8,997,929

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors David A. Todd and John Todd of Clarksville, OH have designed a locking mechanism that prevents unauthorized access to a tree stand and its ladder.

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success. Although many of these products are high-technology devices, some products are amazingly simple. An example of such a product is a tree stand, which allows the hunter to hunt from an elevated location while being visually hidden in the confines of a tree. These tree stands use a ladder system to access the elevated perch and are often left in place from day to day, or even hunting season to hunting season. However, this leaves them open for use by other hunters and curious children. This obviously poses both a security and safety risk for the tree stand owner. The Inventors have created a means by which a tree stand and its ladder access can be secured.

This clever new invention prevents access to tree stands when unattended, which increases safety and prevents injury. It easily hooks over the tree stand ladder, and is secured with a padlock. The use of the Ladder Lock provides hunters an effective means of securing their tree stand and preventing access by others.

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