Kuplid is a fully integrated one piece "to go" cup lid with an infuser/strainer basket.

  • Never touch a tea bag again.
  • No waiting time for steeping--ready "to go".
  • Designed for Versatility, Practicality, Safety
  • Can be Used with Teabags, Loose Tea, Cocoa, Bouillon Cubes
  • Want a second drink? Just add water.


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Attention all teahouses, tea stores, coffee shops, fast food restaurants, convenience marts, disposable cup lid manufacturers, cup lid distributors, and more. This new disposable plastic cup lid is designed for you!

Want to take your tea to go, NOW? And what will you do with the TEA BAG?

Having experienced the difficulty of what to do with a tea bag when you take a cup to go, and the challenges of adding sugar and cream, we created the KUPLID. What if you dont have time to wait for steeping? Snap the KUPLID onto your paper cup, lift the fully integrated one piece infuser/strainer basket lid and put in any type of tea bag or loose leaf product. If desired, sugar or cream can be added. Fill with hot water, snap on the lid and go. If you want a second cup of that delicious hot tea, with KUPLID, you just flip the infuser/strainer lid open and refill with fresh hot water. The tea remains in the basket, and you never have to remove, touch, or risk a spill again!

How easy can this be? Never touch a tea bag again! KUPLID is the solution.

The KUPLID was developed in Pasadena, California by Dr. William Berger and son Mitchell with versatility, practicality, and safety in mind. The KUPLID also works great with cocoa and bouillon cubes as well.

Contact us to learn about manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities. Brand it yours with your companys unique logo and color theme! For the most enjoyable tea experience, act now!

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