Beverage Koozie with Remote Locating Means

The invention allows you to find your lost drink quickly. Simply place your can or bottle into the koozie to activate it, with the keychain transmitter you can find your beverage with ease and make sure it isnt your buddies.

  • Fun Sounds used as Alert System
  • Decreases Frustration
  • Great Promotional or Party Item
  • Velcro Holds Keychain Transmitter when Not Used
  • Battery Operated


Utility Patent #9,245,430.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jason S. Berg of St. Anthony, IN has designed a product that allows you to find your lost drink quickly.

Nothing is perhaps more frustrating than not being able to find common personal items. These items include keys, eyeglasses, remote controls, toys, and similar objects. However, there is often no object more frustrating to lose than that of your can of beer or favorite canned beverage. Such beverages are frequently carried around a party or picnic and set on any handy surface. Minutes later, one easily forgets where the drink was set. Next, the user spends an undue amount of time retracing their steps in which the beverage continues to become warm. Should too much time elapse, the beverage may have to be discarded, thus costing money. Inventor Berg has created a means by which canned or bottled beverages can be easily found when misplaced.

This clever new invention is battery operated, and creates fun sounds to alert the user. It is also a great promotional or party item. The invention features a koozie and keychain transmitter, the transmitter can be attached to the koozie via Velcro when not in use. The use of the Beverage Insulating Cover with Remote Locating Means reduces frustration by allowing for the easy location of koozies in a home or anywhere.

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