Knitting Caddy

The Knitting Caddy is a bag with an interior cavity divided into anupper portion for knitting projects as well as a pocket for holding suppliesand a lower portion for housing yarn.

  • Keeps Supplies, Project & Yarn Together
  • Divider Prevents Yarn from Tangling
  • Keeps Project Intact
  • Yarn Stays Clean
  • Great for Travel


Design Patent #D740,566.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rebecca F. Szilagyi of Cleveland, OHhas created a divided bag with an upper portion for knitting projectsand supplies and a lower portion for housing yarn. 

Knitting, quilting, andsimilar hobbies have always been popular. Not only do many people find theseactivities to be relaxing and enjoyable, but also their creations can bebeautiful, valuable, and functional. However, a common annoyance associated with these hobbies is thetendency for yarn to become tangled in ones project. This can be atime-consuming nuisance that can also become costly when tangled yarn cannot besalvaged and new yarn must be purchased. Inventor Szilagyi has created a means for one bag to hold all knittingsupplies and projects without problem.

This clever new invention keepssupplies, projects, and yarn together. A divider prevents yarn from tangling.The device keeps projects intact and yarn stays clean. It is great for travel.  The use of the KnittingCaddy provides a means for dividing projects from yarn in amanner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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