King Gripper

The King Gripper is a specialized wrench for tightening and loosening toilet seat bolts and nuts.

  • Ensures Bolts are Properly Tightened to Prevent Wobbly Seats
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Ideal for Use around Toilets in Cramped Locations
  • Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle
  • Great for Plumbers or Do-It-Yourselfers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leon Hines of Brooklyn, NY has created a specialized wrench for tightening and loosening toilet seat bolts and nuts.

One task that many plumbers as well as homeowners perform is that of toilet seat replacement and/or tightening. Seats are typically held in place with bolt and nut sets that connect on the underside of the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, this location is almost always difficult to get to. Once the bolt it accessed, workers find it difficult to tighten it properly with conventional wrenches. In turn, Inventor Hines created the King Gripper. Having kids, the toilet seat would frequently loosen and it was a hassle to tighten it up because of the small area in which the toilet was located. Now the struggle is over!

This clever new invention ensures that bolts are properly tightened to prevent wobbly seats. Its straight linear design makes it easy to reach under toilet seat bowls so its ideal for use around toilets in cramped locations. It saves time and money. It has a non-slip ergonomic handle. The King Gripper is great for plumbers or do-it-yourselfers. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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