Joint Straps

The invention isa textile foot sling with two long straps that assists users in improving mobilityand/or performing rehabilitation exercises.

  • Aids Rehabilitation 
  • Adds Support 
  • Provides Resistance 
  • Portable & Lightweight 
  • Comfortable & Easy to Use


Utility Patent #8,142,336

Story Behind the Invention

InventorMary Yates of Hardy, AR has designed atextile foot sling with two long straps that assists users in improvingmobility and/or performing rehabilitation exercises.

There is a productneed for those who suffer leg and/or knee disabilities to help lift their legsin an assisted manner to overcome difficulties. Inventor Yates development of the Joint Straps fulfillsthis need.

This clever newinvention aids with rehabilitation, adds support, provides resistance, isportable and lightweight and is comfortable and can be used by anyone.   Theuse of the Joint Straps offersdisabled users the ability to control their leg and knee movements in an effortto improve mobility and/or minimize recovery time.

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