Jewelry to Hold Pharmaceuticals

The invention is a locking cover for an above ground pool ladder to prevent unauthorized access. This unique cover with safety pins secures the ladders support bars ensuring a tight fit which stops anyone from climbing the step which keeps kids safe when the pool is not in use.

  • Ideal For Heart Patients
  • Offers Convenient Access To Medication
  • Bottle Includes Individuals Medical Information
  • Longer Shelf-Life For Prescriptions
  • Available In A Necklace Or Pin

Story Behind the Invention

InventorLuann Johnson of Wolford, ND has designed astylish line of jewelry dedicated to the storage of tablet type pharmaceuticalsin their original bottles.

A large majorityof people rely on modern pharmaceuticals as part of a daily maintenanceregiment.  For those of us that must takethese medications it becomes a chore to make sure that they are carried onone's person at all times.  While pillscan be transferred to a secondary container, the information that is providedon the original prescription bottle is lost. This information can be especially important in the event of emergencyas it may make the difference between life and death.  Inventor Johnsonhas developed a means by which everyday and emergency medication can be carriedin an original container and in an easy to see location.

This clever newinvention is a unique line of jewelry that is available either in necklace orpin format. Pharmaceuticals can be carried in their original bottle thatcontains all patient information, which is ideal for heart patients and othersin emergency situations. With the invention medication is easily accessed andhas a longer storage life.   The use of theJewelry to Hold Pharmaceuticals providesa solution to the transportation of medication in a manner that is safe andstylish.

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