Jar Lid Opener

The invention is a device that easily opens any size jar without requiring excessive hand strength.

  • Breaks Seal for Easy Opening
  • Great Tool for Handicapped
  • Fits Most Jars
  • Does not Damage Lids
  • Ergonomic, Easy-Grip Handle


Patent #7,908,942

Story Behind the Invention

A great deal of foodproducts are shipped and stored in glass jars with metal lids. Whilesuch jars work well to keep foodstuffs fresh, they are oftendifficult to nearly impossible to open for some. Even the strongestof us sometimes have difficulty in opening such jar lids and mustresort to aids such as flexible grippers, rapping the lid with atable knife handle, or the like. However, such aids still rely onphysical strength and may not be effective. Such efforts aredifficult and waste time for even the strongest person, but those whoare elderly, disabled, small in stature, or those with diminishedstrength find the task impossible.

With a resolution to thisdilemma, inventor Elena A. Mitchell ofAnchorage, AK, has developed an aid to open any size jar without therequirement of excessive hand strength.

The Jar Lid Openerworks by breaking the lid seal, which allows for easyopening. It fits most jars and will not damage lids. The design ofthe invention is in the general form of a lever with a movableC-shaped jaw section. The upper jaw is designed to press downin the center area of a lid while the lower adjustable jaw pressesupward on the edge or rim of the lid. In such a manner, theinvention will break the seal of the jar and pop the lid. Oncethe seal has been broken, the jar is generally easy to open. Thehandle is fitted with a grip area for each finger and is covered withnon-slip rubber to facilitate use and comfort. The invention isgenerally small in size and can be easily stored in a kitchen drawer. It is especially great for those weak of strength, but could beappreciated by practically anybody.

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