Intra Abdominal Protection Mat

The Intra Abdominal Protection Mat is collection means for morcellated tissue inside of a body cavity during surgery.

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  • Higher Quality of Care for Patient
  • Catches, Retains, and Removes Morcellated Tissue during Surgery
  • Decreases Surgery Time
  • Protects Bowels and Wont Disturb Other Areas of the Body
  • Adapts For Many Different Types of Surgery

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Vicki Jo Carrier, an advanced registered nurse practictioner of Hypoluxo, FL has created a collection means for morcellated tissue inside of a body cavity during surgery.

Fibroids or tumor-like objects must be removed from an internal body cavity during many different types of surgeries. Often the tissue to be removed is larger than the opening made in the body. The tissue must then be morcellated or broken up into smaller pieces that can be removed. Unfortunately, this morcellation process sometimes results in fragments or pieces that are dispersed throughout the body cavity. This takes the surgeon additional time to find and remove these pieces. Additionally, this searching time often requires other organs to be disturbed, resulting in additional pain for the patient and increased recovery time. Inventor Carrier has created a means by which morcellated tissue can be easily captured, retained, and removed during surgery.

This clever new invention provides for a higher quality of care for a patient. The device catches, retains, and removes morcellated tissue during surgery. It decreases surgery time. It protects bowels and wont disturb other areas of the body. The invention adapts for many different types of surgery. The use of the Intra Abdominal Protection Mat provides for enhanced collection of morcellated tissue during surgery, in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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