Interconnected Computer Mouse and Pad

InventorSanchezs patent pending invention called the Interconnected Computer Mouse andPad allows the top portion of a computer mouse to move conventionally, whilethe base is equipped with sliding X-Y access plates that also feature an analogstick.

  • Mouse & Pad in One 
  • Non-Slip Base Plate 
  • Features Conventional Mouse Buttons 
  • Ideal in Crowded Work Areas 
  • Works Well with Laptops

Story Behind the Invention

Lancaster, CA Inventor Raul A. Sanchez-Garcia announces his patent pending invention knownas the Interconnected Computer Mouse andPad. 

Inventor Sanchez-Garcia developed this cleverinnovation, which is a computer mouse with an integral attached mouse pad.  The top portion of the mouse movesconventionally while the base is equipped with sliding X-Y access plates thatfeature a protruding analog stick. The bottom surface of the base plate has anon-slip material that flattens uneven surfaces. The top portion has both leftand right mouse buttons as found on a conventional mouse. In use, the topportion of the device slides in relation to the base generating higherresolution computer cursor movements. This device is ideal for use on desktopswith crowded spaces or for with notebook computers.  The use of the Interconnected ComputerMouse and Pad provides for comfortable, long-term use of a mouse thatutilizes less physical space.

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