Interchangeable Eyeglass Adornments

Our Interchangeable Eyeglass Adornments is a line of decorative accessories for eyeglasses. The decorative attachments can be attached and detached easily to the arms of the frame as each person sees fit to accessorize.

  • Applied & Removed Easily Without Tools
  • Portrays Personality & Individuality
  • Usable On All Types of Eyewear Frames
  • Transforms Eyewear into a Fashion Accessory
  • Perfect Novelty Item

Story Behind the Invention

Glasses can be an annoyance. Aggravations such as frequent cleaning, slippage and breakage push many people to wear contacts or undergo expensive eye surgery to eliminate the burden of wearing glasses. Some people, especially young children, find eyewear unattractive and to avoid ridicule, they avoid wearing glasses. Inventor Rothman has created a means by which eyeglasses can be modified or enhanced to increase their aesthetic appeal in an effort to address these problems.

This clever new invention can be applied and removed in seconds. No tools are required. It holds conventional lenses and increases consumer purchase appeal. It is suitable for men and women of all ages. The use of the Interchangeable Eyeglass Adornments will find favor with eyeglass wearers who desire to have the latest fashion in decorative apparel.
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