Insulating Footwear Insert

The Insulating Footwear Insert effectively protects toes from the cold.

  • Easily Slips into Toe of Footwear
  • Composed of Insulating Styrofoam Microbeads
  • Keeps Toes Warm and Users Happy
  • For Skates, Work Boots, and More
  • Easy to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Lee Ryan of Saskatoon, SK has created a footwear insert that effectively protects toes from the cold.

As a hockey referee, Inventor Ryan saw the need for a better way to keep his toes warm. Not only do cold toes negatively affect performance, they also can take the enjoyment out of a game. For those working outdoors, cold toes can make a job almost unbearable. In turn, Inventor Ryan created the Insulating Footwear Insert.

This clever new invention easily slips into the toe of footwear. It is composed of insulating Styrofoam microbeads. This keeps toes warm and users happy. The invention can be placed inside skates, work boots, and more! The inserts are easy to manufacture. Its so quick, simple, and effective!

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