Insulated Sewer Vent Cover

This invention is a thermal sleeve designed to prevent frost and snow build-up within a sewer vent pipe in cold climates.

  • Sealed With Coupling & Bushing
  • Painted Black to Absorb Heat
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • Slim Design
  • Eliminates Trips to the Roof

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David W. Woodring, a plumbing contractor from Raymond, SD has created a thermal sleeve designed to prevent frost and snow build-up within a sewer vent pipe.

One common plumbing problem experienced by those who live in cold weather environments, is the freezing over of a roof vents line for a sanitary waste system. As the warm, moisture laden air rises, the cold outside temperature causes the air to condense and freeze on the vent line. This often requires a dangerous trip to the roof, which may be covered with snow and ice, just to remove the blockage by physical force or by pouring hot water over the blockage. Others have tried to eliminate this problem by wrapping the vent line with an electrical heat trace tape. This requires the routing of an electrical line to the vent location along with associated electrical power usage. Inventor Woodring has created a means by which ice blockages on roof-mounted sanitary vent lines can be eliminated without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention is sealed with coupling and bushing. It is black in color to absorb heat. It is available in multiple sizes. It has a slim design. It eliminates dangerous trips to the roof. The use of the Insulated Sewer Vent Coverprovides for an insulated air space that allows for moisture laden air to escape from a vent stack all the way to the outside environment without cooling, condensing, or forming ice.

To view David W. Woodring's website, Click Here

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