Insect Electrocution Device with Counter

This invention is an integraldisplay and counting device that displays the number of discharges or zappedinsects.

  • Integral/Retrofitted
  • Numerical Display Has Waterproof Design
  • Connects To Standard Electrical Outlet
  • Does Not Contain Hazardous Chemicals
  • Can Be Marketed As Novelty Item
  • Insect Data Trending


Utility Patent #8,319,649

Story Behind the Invention

InventorJames Edward DeVane of Clinton, MD hasdeveloped a patent pending device that counts and displays the number of bugszapped in an insect electrocution trap.

Insectelectrocution traps, or bug zappers, are effective at alleviating thenuisance of flying insects.  They alsoprovide entertainment, as many people enjoy listening for zapped insects.  Some even make sport of it by trying to countthe number of insects zapped.  Inventor DeVane adds novelty to the conventional bugzapper with his counting device.

This clever newinvention displays the number of bugs zapped by the electrocution trap.  A large numeric display is positioned on topof the enclosure.  The counter is also madein a retrofit design to be used with existing bug zappers.  Use of the InsectElectrocution Device with Counter provides a scientific means,education, and entertainment by keeping a running count of bugs zapped.

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