Inline Clothes Dryer Lint Filter

  • Reduces the Possibility of a Vent Line Fire
  • Allows for Free Flowing Vent Line
  • Connects with Circular Clamps
  • Removable for Cleaning
  • Saves Energy

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Mackiavelo Hugo Zelaya, a home maintenance contractor from Metairie, LA has created an inline filter system for the exhaust vent of a clothes dryer.

A clothes dryer is a common appliance found in almost every home across the country. As with all appliances, clothes dryers require simple maintenance to keep them operating at their peak potential. One maintenance act is the regular removal and cleaning of the lint filter. However, even those who are extremely diligent sometimes have to deal with a clogged vent on the exterior of the home or building by lint which gets by the in-dryer filter. Should the vents not be cleaned, one must suffer through increased drying times or perhaps even run the risk of a lint fire in the vent line. This vent cleaning process is especially difficult for dryer vents which are located on an upper floor or other elevated location requiring the use of a ladder. Inventor Zelaya has created a means by which dryer lint can be captured before it can clog the exterior dryer vent.

This clever new invention reduces the possibility of a vent line fire. It allows for a free flowing vent line. It connects with circular clamps and is removable for cleaning. It also saves energy. The use of the Inline Clothes Dryer Lint Filter allows for the capture and containment of almost all lint from a clothes dryer resulting in faster drying clothes and safer operation as well.

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