Inflatable Pillow for Car Seat

This invention is an inflatable pillow for a car seat that provides increased protection and comfort.

  • Supports Head & Neck
  • Self-Inflating
  • Machine Washable Cloth Cover
  • Waterproof & Hypoallergenic
  • Hook & Loop Fastening

Story Behind the Invention

There is a myriad of products on the market intended to protect infants and children from dangers generated by a variety of sources. A common safety device for infants is the car seat, which holds the infant in place and protects them while riding in a motor vehicle. However, such car seats are generally ergonomically unfriendly and place more emphasis on restraint than comfort. A particular problem is the childs head, which tends to end up at awkward angles when the child is sleeping. Such a position is not only uncomfortable for the child, but can pose additional stress on the childs neck in the event of an accident. Inventor Perkins has created a means by which the ergonomic properties of car seats can be improved.

This clever new invention supports the head and neck of an infant while riding in a car seat. It is self-inflating, has a machine washable cloth cover, and is hypoallergenic. The device easily attaches to the seat belt on the car seat with the use of hook and loop fasteners. The use of the Inflatable Pillow for Child Car Seat provides not only for increased comfort for a child with regards to head support, but also provides for increased safety.

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