Infant Hat with Pacifier Retaining Strap

The invention is an infant hat with two elastic straps that prevents a pacifier from falling.

  • Prevents Pacifier from BeingThrown/Dropped
  • Keeps Pacifier Handy
  • Maintains Clean & Germ FreeEnvironment
  • Reduces Crying, Fussing & Aggravation
  • Multiple Colors & Sizes Available


Utility Patent #9,282,778

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jessica E. K. Ingram of Stafford, VA has designed an infant hat with two elastic straps that prevents a pacifier from falling out.

As any parent will surely attest, pacifiers are indispensable pieces of equipment used in the raising of a child. They are invaluable in that they satisfy a childs need to be soothed and comforted. Of course, a pacifier is prone to easily falling out of an infants mouth and can be even thrown or dropped, whether intentional or accidental. Then the parent or care giver must quickly find and locate the pacifier and perhaps even clean it should it be dirty. This quickly becomes tiresome for the adults and irritating for the child resulting in crying on their part. This is especially troublesome during nighttime hours when the parent must get up out of bed over and over again. Inventor Ingram has created a means by which pacifiers can be restrained such that the do not fall out of a childs mouth.

This clever new invention prevents a pacifier from being thrown or dropped, which reduces crying, fussing and aggravation. The pacifier will always remain handy, and best of all will stay clean and germ free. The invention would be made available in multiple colors and sizes. The use of the Infant Hat with Pacifier Retaining Strap allows parents and caregivers the ability to restrain pacifiers in a childs mouth in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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