Infant Comfort Sleeper

InventorDiefenbachs patent pending invention called the Infant Comfort Sleeper is anapparatus designed to simulate the feeling of being held in someone's arms.

  • Cradles & Secures Infant
  • Removable Foam Inserts
  • Air Bladder Simulates Breathing
  • Contours to Infant Shape
  • Lightweight & Low-Profile


Utility Patent #8,220,089

Story Behind the Invention

Alburtis, PA Inventor Jeffrey Diefenbach announces his patent pending invention known asthe Infant Comfort Sleeper. 

Inventor Diefenbach developed this clever innovation,which is an apparatus for holding an infant that is designed to simulate thefeeling of being held in someone's arms. The invention is similar in shape tothat of a canoe and is adjustable in size to accommodate most infants. Theinterior of the sleeper is lined with a foam insert that can be added orremoved, depending on the size of the baby. An air bladder is also providedalong the inside wall of a perimeter enclosure. The bladder is connected to abattery-powered air pump, which pumps air in and out of the bladder to simulatehuman breathing. The inside of the invention is contoured to form to the babysshape. The head area is larger with minimal padding to provide for unobstructedand clear breathing. The foot area is slightly declined and would be providedwith additional padding. The use of the InfantComfort Sleeper provides a comforting and secure resting place forinfants.

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