Infant Chair With Monkey Motif

  • Keeps BabySafely On Sofa
  • VibrationSoothes Child To Sleep
  • Plain/AnimalMotif Design
  • Attached ToysHelp Child Development
  • FreesCaregivers Hands
  • Keeps InfantAway from Pets


Patent #8,246,115

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Lina Loyer and Patrick Loyer ofOrleans, ON have developedan infant chair designed to securely attach to the rear of a sofa orrest safely on the floor.

Thereis a myriad of products available that protect infants from a varietyof potential safety hazards. One of the most popular infantnecessities is that of the baby seat. These seats aid in thetransportation of infants, and often are placed on the floor forsafety when the child no longer needs to be moved. However, shouldthe seat be placed on a sofa or chair, the risk of the infant fallingis always present. Inventors Lina and Patrick Loyercreated a means by which a baby chair can safely and conveniently beplaced upon a sofa or chair; however, still has the capability ofresting on the floor.

This clever new invention has a plethora ofenhancing features, including fun animal motifs, a vibration meansthat soothes infants to sleep, and a toy bar for child entertainmentand development. The seat allows for the infant to be safely placedupon a sofa, which keeps the caregivers hands free and the child awayany potential hazards on the ground such as pets. The use of theInfant Chair with Monkey Motif,allows for the safe use of a baby seat upon a sofa in a manner whichis quick, easy and effective.

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