Infant Bottle Holder

The InfantBottle Holder is an apparatus to hold a baby bottle while clamped to afixed object.

  • Flexible Arm Holds Bottle for Baby
  • Allows Parent or Care Giver to Perform Other Tasks
  • Ensures Bottle Does Not Leak
  • Also Holds Toys
  • Can Be Used to Aid Elderly/Physically Challenged



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard Edward Hoetger of Lakeside, MThas created an apparatus to hold a baby bottle while clamped to a fixedobject. 

One task thatmany people find trying is the process of feeding an infant using a baby bottle.Younger infants cannot hold a bottle on their own, and older babies who arelearning to hold a bottle, often drop it. Picking a bottle back up, cleaningit, and returning it to the baby is aggravating and time consuming. If theparent or care provider should ignore the dropped bottle, they are rewardedwith screaming and crying.  Inventor Hoetgerhas created a means to retain baby bottles, without risk of them falling,or someone being forced to hold it for the baby. 

This clever new invention has a flexible arm to hold abottle or toy for a baby. It allows a parent or care provider to perform othertasks. It keeps the bottle from leaking. It can additionally be used to aid theelderly or physically challenged. The use of the InfantBottle Holder ensures that infantsare provided with a baby bottle that remains in place while feeding, thusmaking for a happy baby, and a worry-free parent or care provider.
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