Infant Bottle and Food Warmer

The invention is used to heat baby bottles, liquids and infant and other foods by utilizing steam as the heating medium in order to provide a more thorough and effective heating environment.

  • Heats Items Quickly & Evenly
  • Ideal for Home Use, Hospitals & Day Care Centers
  • Reduces Stress for Parents & Care Providers
  • Ideal for Novice or New Parents
  • Portable

Story Behind the Invention

While caring for a newborn baby can be one of the most rewarding duties a person may bear, it is also a nerve wracking time. This is due to the fact that people know so very little about newborns. Perhaps one of the tasks that many people find trying is the process of heating a baby bottle or baby food to feed an infant. It is very important that one heat the bottle or container to exactly the right temperature. To obtain such a temperature often requires much time and even some return visits to the kitchen to make it just right. These steps must all be accomplished while perhaps the baby is crying and stress levels are at their highest for the parent or care provider. These same problems are magnified when traveling in a motor vehicle with no means to heat bottles or food. Inventor Scarberelli has created a means by which baby bottles and food can be properly heated in an automated manner thus ensuring the utmost in quality and consistency for the baby, while reducing stress and time requirements for the parent or care provider.

This clever new invention is portable and heats items quickly and evenly. It is ideal for home use, hospitals and day care centers. It reduces stress for parents and care providers and is ideal for novice or new parents. The use of the Bottle and Food Warmer provides for quick and automatic preparation of infant bottles and baby food in a manner which keeps both infants and parents happy.

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