Infant Accessory Organizer

The invention is an organizer for parents or caregivers designed with multiple compartments to hold or dispense childcare items.

  • Keeps All Items Organized
  • Holds A Variety Of Items
  • Available in Multiple Sizes
  • At Home & Portable Designs
  • Reduces Stress & Lost Items


Utility Patent #D634,135

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Veronica Matthews of Jamaica, NY has developed a means for a multitude of infant products to be easily managed all in one place.

Parents and caregivers are well aware of the array of items their infant uses, including diapers, bottles, powders, lotions, wet-wipes, changes of clothes, food, and so on. While the commonly used diaper bag works fairly well and keeps such items together when traveling, most simply have a large central compartment with a small number of outer pockets. This setup is not at all conducive to keeping items organized. Also, no such organizational aid exists for the home, leading to even more of a mess. Inventor Matthews has created a solution that will allow users to easily arrange their infant items.

This clever new invention keeps all items organized and is able to hold a variety of items. Using the invention helps to reduce the risk of losing items and the stress when trying to find them. It is available in multiple sizes, including both at-home and on-the-go designs. The use of the Infant Accessory Organizer provides a handy and efficient means to keep track of everything needed to care for infants in an organized manner.

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