In-Line Fertilizer And Lawn Care Dispensing System

InventorReids patent pending invention called the In-Line Fertilizer and Lawn CareDispensing System provides for an automatic distribution of granular or liquidfertilizers through an underground or portable sprinkler system.

  • More Efficient Feed Distribution 
  • In-Line Mixing Container 
  • Hooks into Most Sprinkler Types 
  • Bottom Drain Valve 
  • Dismantle for Easy Cleaning

Story Behind the Invention

Maintenance ofones lawn, landscaping and garden is a seemingly never-ending task.  Among the many tasks that one can partake inorder to enhance the growth and beauty of ones lawn, garden and landscaping,irrigation in combination with the routine application of fertilizers andinsecticides is among the most popular. While a variety of hose connected sprinklers and even automaticunderground sprinkler systems allow for unattended irrigation, a great deal ofmanual time is nevertheless spent ensuring that a proper application ofgranular or liquid-based fertilizer and insecticides is administered either bya spreader or a hand-held hosed-based system respectively.  Accordingly, there is a need for a means bywhich one can apply fertilizer and/or insecticides evenly and effectivelywithout spending a great deal of time.

Tired of thedaunting task of evenly spreading fertilizer and spraying insecticides,inventor Ezekiel Reid of Brooklyn, New York developed the In-Line Fertilizer and Lawn CareDispensing System- a clever innovation which provides an automaticdistribution of granular or liquid fertilizers through an underground orportable sprinkler system.

The inventionconsists of a container connected in-line with the underground sprinklersystems water delivery line or a regular garden hose connected to a portableor movable sprinkler. The dispenser, mixing tank, and filter act together toevenly spread fertilizer and/or insecticides over the lawn. The use of theIn-Line Fertilizer and Lawn Care Dispensing System provides for almost carefreelawn and garden maintenance.

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