Improved Safety Jacket

Inventor Coopers patent pending invention called the Improved Safety Jacket protects a riders arms, elbows and shoulders in the event of an accident while riding a motorcycle, ATV, scooter, bicycle, etc.

  • Reduces Injury
  • Water & Heat-Resistant Material
  • Protective Padding
  • Integral Safety Chute
  • Also for Water or Winter Sports


Utility Patent #Patent #8,240,610

Story Behind the Invention

As any responsible motorcycle rider will attest, the use of protective gear is essential in preventing serious injury or death should an accident occur. As head injuries are the most serious injuries associated with motorcycle riding, use of helmets has been proven to drastically improve ones chances for survival should an accident occur. However, of equal importance is the use of a protective jacket should one slide along the pavement should a motorcycle be ditched. However, many motorcycle accidents involve situations where riders are thrown through the air and collide with stationary objects such as the pavement, other vehicles, trees and the like. In such situations, the standard riding jacket provides little protection. These same situations exist when on jet skis, or when water skiing as well. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which suitable anti-impact protection can be provided for the torso area of riders of motorized land or water based recreational vehicles on a personal basis.

After the loss of his brother in a motorcycle accident, Inventor Corey Cooper of Mobile, Alabama developed the Improved Safety Jacket to decrease the risk that goes along with this and other pastimes.

The invention is a safety jacket that has an integral safety chute along with extra padding to decrease injury in case of impact. The heat and water resistant materials to the jacket make it ideal for any sport where an accident may occur. The use of the Improved Safety Jacket allows for increased safety for the torso area for fast moving outdoor activities in a manner which that not only reduces injury but is easy to wear.

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