Improved Commercial Deep Fryer Filter

The Improved Commercial Deep Fryer Filter is an upgraded filter for deep fryers.

  • Ideal for Restaurant Deep Fryers
  • Works Continuously While the Unit is in Use
  • Allows Oil to Last Longer
  • Saves Money on Cooking Oil Costs
  • Best Used When Fryer is Hot, But Can Be Used All the Time


Utility Patent #10,143,337

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dewayne C. Ward of Sylva, NC has created an upgraded filter for deep fryers.

Deep fryers are used for cooking many fast foods and making them crisp. Modern deep fryers have many different features like timers with an audible alarm, automatic devices to raise and lower the basket into the oil, measures to prevent food crumbs from becoming overcooked, ventilation systems to reduce frying odors, and oil filters to extend the usable life of the oil. However, even with these oil filters, restaurants and home cooks tend to go through a lot of cooking oil. In turn, Inventor Ward created the Improved Commercial Deep Fryer Filter. Now you can lower restaurant costs and cook in cleaner oil!

This clever new invention is designed for use with existing deep fryers and greatly improves the quality of the end product. Air from an air pump forces oil up through a delivery pipe and onto the filter. It works continuously while the unit is in use. It allows oil to last longer. This saves money on cooking oil costs. The invention is best used when the fryer is hot, but can be used all the time. It is ideal for restaurant deep fryers. For manufacturing, retail, wholesale, distribution, or licensing opportunities, act now!

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