Illuminated Hand-Held Road Sign

The Illuminated Hand-Held Road Sign can make your work zones safer with the enhanced illumination devices that are arranged along the perimeter of the face of the sign and powered by a battery source.

  • Supported by a Pole
  • Tripod Base
  • Integral Handle Power Switch
  • High Visibility
  • Enhances Safety


Utility Patent #9,153,149

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Michael Curtiss of Sunnyvale, CA has designed a device that will make road work construction zones safer and easier for drivers to navigate.

It is just about impossible to go anywhere these days without running into road work. Unfortunately, road work is necessary to keep our roads safe and drivable. However, driving through a construction zone can be confusing for drivers, and are often poorly marked. This confusion along with poor directions can lead to accidents and extreme traffic jams. Additionally, work zones become more dangerous at night or in inclement weather due to decreased visibility. Inventor Curtiss has created a means to keep drivers safe and aware of work zones both at night and during the day, and in any type of weather.

This clever new invention has a tripod base and is supported by a pole. The sign can either be used in its illuminated mode or the illumination means can be turned off via an integral power switch found in the handle. The invention provides for higher visibility for drivers, and enhanced safety for drivers and construction workers alike. The use of the Illuminated Hand-Held Road Sign provides for highly visible signs in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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