Illuminated Windshield Wipers

The invention is an Illumination System For Wiper Arms And Blades On Motor Vehicles.

  • Provides Illumination For Decorative Purposes
  • Used While Driving At Nighttime
  • Draws Attention To Vehicle
  • Can Be Added To Any Car Or Truck
  • Do-It-Yourself Kit

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Sean Y. Wood of New York, NY has developed a unique and eye-catching accessory for motor vehicles.

The passion that some people have for their automobiles is a known fact. These people are easy to spot with their well-manicured vehicles that have been cleaned, waxed, and detailed to perfection. Many of these proud vehicle owners will go the extra length to draw attention to their car, for example with custom paint schemes, custom wheels, and even special neon lights. Consumers are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and custom looks to put their vehicle a level above the rest. Inventor Wood has created a novel device that will undoubtedly attract the attention of others.

This clever new invention provides illumination to windshield wiper blades and arms for decorative purposes. It is intended for use at nighttime for optimum visibility to ensure that attention is drawn to the vehicle. For the users convenience, the invention includes a do-it-yourself kit and can be added to any make or model of motor vehicle. The use of the Illuminated Windshield Wipers provides a unique and novel way to illuminate and draw attention to ones vehicle.

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