Hunting Garment with Safety Harness

The invention is a safety harness and fall restraint system for hunters who are perched in tree stands.

  • Reduces Injuries From Falling
  • Large Shooting Range of Movement
  • Forms Safe & Stable Harness
  • Can Purchase Each Part Separately
  • Tear-Away Teter Strap


Utility Patent #8,776,266

Story Behind the Invention

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success. An example of one of these advances is the tree stand. A tree stand is used to form a stable surface in a tree, upon which the hunter may sit or stand. It allows the hunter to remain elevated and nearly invisible to his prey for long periods of time in relative comfort. However, as with many hunting products, there is a relative amount of danger associated with the tree stand. When one takes into account the distance above ground and the possibility of losing ones balance, falling becomes a high probability. Inventor Metz has created a means by which a hunter in a tree stand can be protected from falls, yet still retain mobility.

This clever new invention reduces injuries due to falls, but still allows for a wide range of movement. For the hunters convenience the invention features a tear-away tether strap, and each part can be purchased separately on an as needed basis. The use of the Hunting Garment with Safety Harness provides hunters who use tree stands an increased measure of safety and a more steady and sure shot.

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