Hunters’ Apron

The invention is an apparatus that holds and secures all hunting supplies while in a tree stand.

  • Increases Security & Convenience
  • Forms Stable Anchoring Point
  • Adapts Easily To Any Tree
  • Back Cushion Provides Comfort
  • Easily Attached & Removed


Design Patent D692,642

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Carl Nordbruch of New Freedom, PA has an developed an apparatus for hunters that holds and secures hunting supplies while in a tree stand.

In the field of hunting, a tree stand is used to form a stable surface in a tree upon which the hunter may sit or stand. the hunter to remain elevated and nearly invisible to his prey for long periods of time in relative comfort. However, most tree stands provide little area for storage of necessary hunting supplies. Hunters are forced to find locations to store items such as binoculars, water bottles, food, ammunition, etc., which could cause the hunter to fall as a result of reaching for the items. Other hunters may drive nails into the tree to hang such objects, providing not only an impalement safety hazard for the hunter, but also may lead to permanent tree damage. Inventor Nordbruch has come up with a solution to these dangers by creating a means by which hunters can safely store their tools.

This clever new invention adapts easily to any tree to increase security and convenience during hunting. It forms a safe and stable anchoring point for the hunter, yet is easily attached and removed. Also, the provided back cushion provides ultimate comfort while hunting. The use of the Hunters' Apron provides tree stand-using hunters a safe and accessible method of storing their supplies.

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