Humanoid Decoy

The invention is a mannequin-like camouflaged weatherproof decoy used in any type of hunting stand that gives the appearance of a hunter sitting in a hunting stand when viewed from a distance.

  • Mimics Torso of Adult Male
  • Accustoms Animals to Humans in Stands
  • Eliminates Interfering & Tampering of Hunting Areas
  • Pull Down Flap on Chest & Hat to Reveal Hunter Orange
  • Secures Decoy & Stand for Extra Security


Design Patent #D769,402.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stanley W. Smallfield of Russellville, AR has designed a mannequin-like camouflaged and weatherproof decoy.

Over the years, modern advances in hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success. Although many of these products are high-technology devices, some products are amazingly simple. An example of one of these products is the tree stand. A tree stand is used to form a stable surface in a tree upon which the hunter may position themselves. Many such tree stands are left in one tree for long periods of time during hunting seasons. While the hunted animal such as deer, may become accustomed to the tree stand and even wander directly underneath it, when a hunter is present, they will once again become skittish and stay away making hunting more difficult. Additionally, other hunters may assume a tree stand is abandoned and assume ownership. Inventor Smallfield has created a means by which hunting tree stands can have an occupied appearance even when the hunter is not there.

This clever new invention mimics the torso area of an adult male, which makes both other hunters and animals think the stand is being occupied even when it is not. This allows for animals to become accustom to seeing a human in the stand. It also eliminated interference and tampering of the stand from other hunters. The use of the Humanoid Decoy provides an effective decoy for a tree stand that fools game animals and humans alike.

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