Hourglass Shaped Urn

  • Alternate ToConventional Urn
  • Can Replace UrnCurrently In Use
  • Unique Way toRemember Deceased
  • Decorative &Functional
  • Sealed Airtight


Patent #D633,685

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Joseph J. Caffee and Angela Heflin of Detroit, MI have developed a unique decorative item to help remember deceased loved ones.

The reality of having relatives and loved ones pass away is something everyone must learn to handle. After death, family members may choose between various rituals, practices, and methods of internment, one of these being the use of cremation. This process produces ashes of the deceased that can be spread over a physical area, buried, or even kept by the descendants in an urn. Those who decide to keep the ashes in an urn then must decide how to best display the urn while maintaining respect for the deceased. Unfortunately, most urns are of a gloomy nature, and they turn into an item that depresses occupants rather than serving as a reminder of pleasant memories. Inventors Caffee and Heflin have created a tasteful and respectful container for holding the cremated remains of a loved one.

This clever new invention is an alternative to dismal conventional-style urns and can actually be used to replace an urn currently in use. It provides a unique way to remember the deceased and is not only decorative, but is also functional as an hourglass. To ensure the security of the ashes, the invention is sealed airtight. The use of the Hourglass Shaped Urn allows relatives to remember deceased members of the family in a respectful manner while keeping past memories alive.

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