Hospital Bed With Integral Bed Pan

This invention couples a hospital bed with a bedpan, offering bedridden patients enhanced comfort and convenience.

  • Eliminates Need to Move Patient 
  • Thin Pad Over Sliding Lid 
  • Includes All Standard Hospital Bed Features 
  • Empty Without Disturbing Patient 
  • Easy To Clean


Utility Patent #8,171,583

Story Behind the Invention

Patients who are confined to bed as a result of an illness, disability oraccident are faced with obstacles on a daily basis.  Just the simple act of going to the bathroomcan be a major undertaking for them as well as their care providers.  While such items as a bed pan may make thetask easier by not requiring the user to physically travel to a bathroomfacility, they still require the patient to sit up and balance themselvesprecariously to perform their bathroom duties. Such situations are not just physically uncomfortable; they are also apsychological burden which may actually affect the patients ability to relievethemselves.  These situations putadditional worry and stress not only on the patient, but the caregiver as well.Accordingly, there exists a need for a means by which the functionality of aconventional bed pan can be increased to address the shortcomings listed above.The development of the Hospital Bedwith Integral Bed Pan fulfills this need.   

Inventors Josephine Hooker, Marcus Small &Joell McKay of Grand Prairie, TX have developed an apparatus thatcouples a hospital bed with a bed pan, offering bedridden patients enhancedcomfort and convenience.

This clever innovation takes theform of a thin pad that fits over a sliding lid.  The invention eliminates the need to move thepatient, thus allowing for bedpan emptying without disturbing them or causing themany undue discomfort.  The inventionretains all standard hospital bed features and is easy to clean.  The use of the Hospital Bed with Integral BedPan provides bedridden patients a means to increase their comfort anddignity at a time they need it the most.

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