Hosiery With Toe Separator and Decorative Tie

This invention is a pair of panty hose with a separate toe section so the wearer can comfortably wear flip-flops, thongs, and other sandals that have an in-between toe strap.

  • Complements Any Outfit
  • For Women of All Ages
  • Can Be Worn with All Shoes
  • Various Colors Available
  • Easy to Get On and Off


Design Patent #D723,260

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Genevieve R. Coleman of Pompano Beach, FL has created a pair of panty hose with a separate toe section for use with sandals like flip-flops.

Many people enjoy the look and comfort of sandals. They can be worn around the house, in casual settings, and sometimes even in more formal settings. Sandals and similar footwear such as thongs or flip-flops can be slipped on and off easily, are cool and comfortable, and go well with almost any attire. However, they often require the use of a toe strap that goes between the big toe and remaining toes. This prevents the use of panty hose or requires the user to bunch-up the panty hose between the toes which can quickly become uncomfortable! In turn, Inventor Coleman created the Hosiery with Toe Separator and Decorative Tie.

This clever new invention can be worn with all types of shoes and is a must-have for sandals. The hosiery is suitable for women of all ages. The hosiery is easy to put on and take off. Various colors are available. The product is ideal for those who like the feel of panty hose and the convenience of sandals. Act now!

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