Hoppie’s Hold’em Downs

This invention is a kit comprisedof four triangular forms which connects to a base intended to hold down thecorners of area rugs.

  • Reduces Corner Roll Up/Rug Damage
  • Decreases Tripping
  • Rug Corner Slides into Forms
  • Forms Fasten into Base
  • Safe on All Floors
  • Accepts Fringes of Oriental Rugs


Utility Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Earlie L. Crenshaw of St. Louis, MOhas designed a kit comprised of fourtriangular forms which hold down the corners of area rugs.

Area rugs are a common sight in mosthomes and offices.  They are typicallyused to muffle sounds, protect floors from abrasion, or sometimes to simply actas a decorative element.  In the case ofrectangular rugs, the corners have a tendency to curl upward, not only ruiningthe decorative appeal of the rug, but also presenting a danger and liability ifsomeone should trip on the rug.  InventorCrenshaw has designed a set of formswhich weigh down the corners to prevent such issues.

This clever new invention reducescorner roll up and rug damage by simply sliding over each cover of a rug.  Each form consists of a top plate and a basewhich securely fasten together and can even allow for fringes to remainexposed.  The base portion has ascratch-resistant cover that is safe to use on all floors.  The use of the Hoppie'sHold'em Downs allowsarea rugs to be used in any room without worry of the corners rolling up andbecoming an unsightly tripping hazard.

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