Hinged Turntable for Cabinets

The invention provides access to the entire inner area of any cabinet with an opening smaller than the storage space by rotating items from the rear to the front.

  • Increases Access to Storage Space
  • Free-Spinning Design
  • Piano Style Hinges For Strength
  • Available in Multiple Sizes / Colors
  • Made of Plastic, Stainless Steel or Wood


Patent #7,938,496

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Victor H. Cattanach of Gresham, OR has invented a folding turntable for kitchen cabinets that allows a 33 inch turntable to be installed in cabinets with openings as small as 12 inches.

Space is at a premium in the modern kitchen. It always seems as though there is more stuff than there are places to store that stuff. However, many hard-to-reach areas in cabinets and pantries go to waste because it is hard to access them quickly and easily. Inventor Cattanach has helped to solve this problem with the Hinged Turntable for Cabinets. This invention allows for a large rotating circular shelf to be installed in any cabinet area, especially in corner cabinets. Once installed, the shelf expands to a full 33 inch circle that can be spun, allowing the user to easily access items from the back and sides of the shelf.

This new invention cleverly increases access to storage space with its free-spinning design. The piano-style hinges which allow the invention to be installed through small openings also provide the turntable with strength. Furthermore, the invention will be available in an array of colors and materials, including wood, plastic, and stainless steel. The use of the Hinged Turntable for Cabinets is a simple and effective way to increase the functionality of any existing cabinet.

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